Adam Schiff says he could subpoena Trump over Jan. 6 incidents

Washington 08/25/21, 20:05

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said in an interview Wednesday, Aug. 25, that the House committee he leads to investigate the Jan. 6 incidents on Capitol Hill could even subpoena the former president and other Republican lawmakers. Responding to the MSNBC news anchor, who asked him if the investigation could come ...

Ashli Babbitt shooter exonerated in internal probe

U.S. 08/21/21, 18:06

The Capitol Police officer who without warning, fatally shot Ashli Babbitt, one of the Americans who participated in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, was cleared of charges in an internal investigation.  According to a memo obtained by NBC News from Capitol Police, the officer, whose identity remained shielded, had been formally ...

New Capitol Hill military surveillance system threatens Americans’ privacy

D.C. 07/14/21, 15:52

Following the acquisition of eight units of Persistent Surveillance Systems Ground–Medium (PSSG-M) for the Capitol Police, human rights advocates warn about the threat it could pose to citizens' privacy. The high-definition systems that the Pentagon will install were used in Afghanistan to monitor large areas day and night and increase the ...

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Did FBI ‘Animate’ Storming of Capitol?

U.S. 06/18/21, 15:02

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R- Fla.) is raising concerns about the presence of "federal undercover agents or confidential informants" in the Capitol Hill siege on Jan. 6, even to the point that the FBI might have had a role in "organizing and participating” in the breakthrough event. On Tuesday, June 15, Gaetz ...

Overwhelming majority of Republicans want President Trump to lead the GOP

Opinion 02/17/21, 02:23

Opinion Nearly all Republicans would like to see the previous president continue to play an important role in the party. A sample survey found 75% of GOP supporters want Donald Trump to continue to play a dominant role in the Republican Party. According to the latest Quinnipiac University National Poll, only 21% of ...

Democrats demand Parler details amid Trump’s impeachment theater

U.S. 02/10/21, 03:49

Parler has come under the Democrats spotlight, with one senator demanding the media platform disclose its investors and creditors. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), chair of the House Oversight Committee, wrote to Parler CEO Jeffrey Wernickon asking for the platform’s details. “In the weeks leading up to the assault on the Capitol on ...

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