AOC criticized for controversial Biden impersonation

New York 03/21/22, 16:07

A Democrat from New York was widely questioned for imitating Joe Biden on March 18. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) thought it was a good idea to record a video of herself whispering like the president. "Let me tell you a secret: most people do not really know what capitalism is; most ...

Bezos’ preschools come as rich get richer, more generous

Business 12/02/18, 10:40

From Jeff Bezos' free preschools to Andrew Carnegie's public libraries, education stands out as a favorite cause among America's wealthiest people.And as the rich get richer, and apparently more generous, this legacy of so-called investment philanthropy has shaped government priorities and driven policy changes. But with such high-profile giving fueled ...

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