Facebook Oversight Board full of liberals, tied to leftist billionaire George Soros

U.S. 05/07/21, 06:11

While claiming to support free speech, the Facebook Oversight Board (FOB) that recently upheld the platform's ban on former President Donald Trump has multiple links to George Soros and consists mainly of liberals and so-called “Never Trumpers,” the Washington Examiner reported. With the mission to promote free speech by “making principled, ...

Troops question why the military isn’t treating BLM riots seriously

D.C. 03/23/21, 15:14

It had been over a year since the riots that erupted after George Floyd's death in Minneapolis police custody. The decision-makers at the time felt it was a good thing to have D.C. National Guards protecting national monuments. So there they were, in minatory-style, lined up on the steps of the ...

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