Judge tosses fishermen’s suit against Obama ocean monument

U.S. 10/05/18, 10:00

A federal judge tossed a lawsuit Friday from a group of fishing associations that challenged the creation of an underwater monument in the Atlantic Ocean.The fishing groups sued in federal court in Washington against creation of Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument by former President Barack Obama in 2016.U.S. ...

9 trapped by Nevada wildfire escorted to safety

U.S. 10/01/18, 20:45

Eight hikers and a sheriff's deputy were escorted to safety from the top of a canyon at a popular Nevada recreation area as a wildfire spewed flames 100 feet (30 meters) into the air, authorities said Monday.Forest Service spokeswoman Erica Hupp said Monday no residential homes had been destroyed but ...

High court denies review of Grand Canyon-area mining ban

Enviroment 10/01/18, 20:26

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to review a ban on the filing of new mining claims around the Grand Canyon but environmentalists said they are keeping a close eye on actions by the Trump administration they fear could lead to a reversal of the ban.The Obama administration put ...

Will Smith to make birthday bungee jump near Grand Canyon

Entertainment 09/25/18, 13:52

Will Smith is diving head first into turning 50.The actor will mark his milestone birthday Tuesday by bungee jumping from a helicopter in northern Arizona.File - In this April 29, 1999, file photo, Robbie Knievel leaves his jump sight on the Hualapai Reservation in Ariz., after deciding not to make ...

Dwayne Johnson backs stuntman’s film honoring Knievel jump

Entertainment 09/20/18, 03:48

Before climbing into the cockpit of his steam-powered rocket and blasting off across the Snake River Canyon, daredevil Eddie Braun scribbled two things on his bare chest in marker.Blood type: O positive.Allergies: Penicillin.Useful information for the paramedics — in case his jump on Sept. 16, 2016, didn't go as planned.Braun's ...

The LA Film Festival gets a fresh fall start

Entertainment 09/19/18, 14:34

The LA Film Festival may be in its 24th year, but the local independent film showcase is stepping up with a new fall date, starry premieres featuring the likes of Tiffany Haddish and Henry Cavill and a re-energized commitment to spotlighting documentaries and diverse filmmakers.The festival kicks off Thursday with ...

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