Outgoing US Attorney General Barr refuses to appoint special counsel or seize machines for election fraud investigation

2022 Campaign 12/22/20, 01:15

America's chief lawyer of the federal government rejected a request from dozens of House Republicans to appoint a special counsel to examine several election irregularities. U.S. Attorney General William Barr refused to allow the Department of Justice (DOJ) to appoint a special counsel to investigate "legitimate questions" about the November election ...

Thousands of emails, texts, photos, and videos have surfaced that put Hunter Biden in ‘compromising positions’ and implicate Joe Biden in Ukrainian dealings

2022 Campaign 10/14/20, 16:54

Democratic presidential candidate, the former Vice President Joe Biden has lied to the American people about having never discussed with his son Hunter Biden any of his foreign business dealings. A lawyer for Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personnel attorney, indicated on Wednesday, Oct. 14, to Fox News that he has obtained ...

Joe Biden’s Energy Advisor Collaborated with Kremlin on Nuclear Issues

U.S. 07/15/20, 18:54

Researchers have revealed Ex-President Barack Obama's Vice-President Joe Biden, who was Obama's energy adviser, worked closely with Russia's nuclear agenda and tried to hide it. The revelation comes as part of a series of strong allegations against the Democratic presidential candidate that could impact his campaign ahead of November's election. In an ...

Ukraine re-examines case on owner of firm with links to Biden’s son

Politics 10/04/19, 14:13

The criminal case involving the owner of the natural gas company where Hunter Biden once served on the board is now under review. The case of Burisma Holdings is one of 15 high-profile investigations that is planned to be re-examined by the prosecutor general, Ruslan Ryaboshapka, who took office in August. It ...

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