House passes legislation to suspend debt limit, Senate now decides

U.S. 09/22/21, 16:25

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, Sept. 21, approved legislation that seeks to suspend debt-ceiling limits a few days before the deadline. The bill must now face the Senate, where at least 10 Republicans would have to join Democrats to pass the measure.  Democrats in the House passed the bill ...

Senate Democrats to use ‘special rule’ to pass controversial Biden budgets

D.C. 04/06/21, 16:38

Thanks to a 'special budgetary rule', Senate Democrats will pass a $2.25 trillion 'reconciliation package' to the already approved 2021 budget without the need for any Republican votes, that is, with a simple majority. Although the special rule only applies to budgets, Democrats can approve millions in spending that the other ...

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