Hiker claims he encountered Brian Laundrie on Appalachian Trail

U.S. 10/04/21, 02:26

A Florida engineer hiking along the Appalachian Trail insists he chatted with Brian Laundrie on a deserted road near the Appalachian Trail on the North Carolina border at 12:30 a.m. ET on Saturday, Oct. 2. After his 22-year-old fiancée, Gabby Petito, was found dead in Wyoming last month, Laundrie is on ...

Rainbow appears after suspected body Gabby Petito is found

New York 09/20/21, 21:03

An arch of colors appeared in the sky after authorities discovered human remains, suspected of belonging to a missing Florida woman on Sept. 19. A photo is circulating on the internet depicting a spectacular rainbow formation above the site Gabby Petito's body was allegedly found at the Grand Teton National Park ...

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