German athlete Geisenberger says she will ‘never go back to China’

Insights 02/23/22, 20:46

After flying back to Germany, Olympic athlete Natalie Geisenberger recalled her uneasy decision to join the Games on February 17 on the ZDFheute Nachrichten with Markus Lanz. Despite China’s human rights records and the poor treatment during her training there, she decided that she would “go there for two weeks, ...

Beijing Winter Olympics closes with unforgettable impressions

Insights 02/21/22, 12:07

China put out its Olympic flame at Beijing National Stadium on Sunday night (February 20th) to mark the end of the 2022 Winter Olympics. At this year's Winter Olympics, Norway finished first in the medal standings, setting a new national record with 16 gold, eight silver, and 13 bronze medals (or ...

Three failures of Beijing Winter Olympics

Insights 02/16/22, 11:14

As Da Ji Yuan reported on February 13th, Chinese authorities have been preparing for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at all costs for many years and finally kicked off the event. It seems it was a "successful" opening. However, the Chinese government has had frequent miscalculations with many failures from ...

Olympics German gold medallist to comment on China after leaving

Human Rights 02/12/22, 09:05

German women's singles luge gold medallist Natalie Geisenberger, who has harshly criticized the Chinese authority ahead of her debut at the Beijing Winter Olympics, said she would wait until leaving China to comment on what happened. Reuters reported that the 34-year-old Natalie criticized China at test events in November 2021. At ...

Taiwan to boycott Beijing Winter Olympics

China 01/27/22, 22:07

According to Reuters, Taiwan will not send government officials to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics and calls on the Chinese regime not to use politics to "interfere" with the Olympic Games or "belittle" the island. In a statement released on Tuesday, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council announced that its athletes are ...

Chinese mouthpiece rips Sen. Tom Cotton for urging Beijing Olympic boycott

China 11/21/21, 02:52

Infamous editor-in-chief for Global Times, the mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, is using his language weapon again, this time to lambast Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas.  Hu Xijin of Global Times took direct aim at the Republican Senator for pushing a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympic, a sports event ...

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