Rapper Lil Baby recreates violent BLM protests at Grammy Awards

U.S. 03/15/21, 06:45

The Grammys on Sunday, March 14, saw a performance reminiscent of the violent protests that consumed the United States in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. Rapper Lil Baby created a scene on stage that mimicked the protests. His performance of “The Bigger Picture” ...

Rioters in Chicago out of control as looters take over the city

U.S. 08/10/20, 07:19

Chicago became a place of mayhem and destruction early on Monday morning, Aug. 10, as rioters vandalized and looted the city, out of control. Widespread riots marched across the city, including the trashing and looting of the Magnificent Mile. No shops were spared as the looters smashed their way through ...

Black Lives Matter protesters burn Bibles in Portland

U.S. 08/03/20, 20:10

In a video circulating on YouTube on Aug. 1, protesters with Black Lives Matter posters can be seen burning Bibles in front of the federal courthouse in Portland, The Federalist reported. Many Twitter users expressed their anger at the images by comparing them to what Goebbels did under the Nazi regime. I ...

Democratic mayors booed in the middle of rioting and protests they support

New York 07/23/20, 16:14

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was booed and cursed Wednesday, July 23, amid the city's unrest, according to Fox News. Wheeler voluntarily went to the Hatfield courthouse to "listen" to the violent protesters, reaffirming his position of support for the violent demonstrations, and allowing the riots and rejecting President Trump's proposed federal ...

The harsh reality of the Black Lives Matter riots

U.S. 07/18/20, 12:39

The devastating riots that broke out using the death of African American George Floyd as a base were presented by the media as "peaceful," but the harsh reality shows otherwise. Journalist Michael Tracey describes his findings after touring the main scenes of the violent leftist demonstrations, which have occurred in many ...

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