Biden’s ‘domestic terrorism’ plan encourages Americans to report each other

U.S. 06/16/21, 15:51

This Tuesday, June 15, a senior Biden administration official advanced to reporters that part of the strategy to fight 'domestic terrorism' will include setting conditions for Americans to report family members and neighbors who have been 'radicalized' in addition to working closely with social media platforms to monitor violent behavior. To ...

Antifa members vandalize South Carolina Republican congresswoman’s home

U.S. 06/01/21, 18:40

The home of Nancy Mace, a Republican representative from Charleston, South Carolina, was vandalized on Memorial Day with Antifa symbols written on the walls, insults, and violent messages urging her to pass pro-union legislation. Far-left terrorists also destroyed several parks in the area. Multiple anarchist symbols with the circle 'A' and ...

US embassies asked to raise the Black Lives Matter flag to ‘promote racial justice’

U.S. 05/25/21, 17:37

A memo from the U.S. State Department 'strongly encourages' that U.S. embassies around the world display the flag of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement in order to 'promote racial justice globally' and 'racial equality.' The document was released by Jack Posobiec, a veteran Navy intelligence officer and China analyst who ...

Portland: Antifa protester re-arrested two days after release

U.S. 04/09/21, 19:21

On Saturday, April 3, 2021, a perpetrator wielding an axe and a paintball gun assaulted Portland Parks and Recreation Rangers as well as a citizen in Downtown Portland. The man was charged with numerous violent crimes but was released, only to be re-captured 48 hours later. Randy Allen Graves, 32, is charged ...

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