President Trump’s veto of NDAA overridden by House votes 322-87

U.S. 12/29/20, 04:41

When President Trump vetoed the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA,) he had the best interests of servicemen and women, as well as making an attempt to reduce the control and power that Big Tech and social media exert over Americans. The House voted on Monday, Dec. 28, to overwhelmingly override ...

Social networks censor all information that reveals election fraud

U.S. 11/06/20, 19:32

As evidence of voter fraud increases across the country, social networks are focusing on censoring information about it. Even on FridayNov. 6, Facebook blocked the hashtag #StopTheSteal through which thousands of users were sharing many fraud allegations that legacy media does not want to show. According to Fox News, Facebook has ...

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