WATCH: Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.) slams President Biden, naming him ‘trafficker-in-chief’

U.S. 04/09/21, 21:28

Republican Florida lawmaker Kat Cammack criticized President Biden on Fox News, labeling him "trafficker-in-chief." “There’s a better way to do this. It’s what the Trump Administration was doing,” Cammack said. “It was the most humane, compassionate, and normal way for putting Americans first, our national security first. "I would challenge Representative [Veronica] ...

Donald Trump is back and may visit Mexican border in the midst of President Biden created border crisis

Central America 03/26/21, 16:52

As the Biden border problem worsens, former President Trump's aide Jason Miller says the former president could reach the southern border "soon." “JUST IN—Trump may visit the Mexican border ‘soon’ amid the border crisis,” Disclose TV reported on Twitter. The development is good news for Trump supporters because it proves that former President Trump intends to ...

President Biden envisions himself as a president for two-term

U.S. 03/24/21, 20:40

President Biden, according to a recent study from The Hill, sees himself as a two-term president, not just a "transition" president, as some had expected. “I don’t think there’s any reason to say that he won’t,” one former presidential adviser said of Biden's chances of re-election. “So we all assume that he ...

Trump reveals what he wrote to Biden before leaving the White House

U.S. 03/23/21, 16:29

Even though former President Donald Trump believes Biden is "bought and paid for" by China, he claims to have written him a long letter "from the heart" before leaving the White House. During a podcast published Monday by conservative pundit Lisa Boothe, Trump addressed the contents of the letter he sent ...

‘Insane’, Gov. DeSantis mocks Biden for threatening more lockdowns and vowed not Florida

U.S. 03/13/21, 20:39

Joe Biden threatened on Thursday, March 11,  that if circumstances change, tyrannical CCP Virus (COVID) lockdowns could be needed once more. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called the new round of lockdowns "insane" and completely "unacceptable." He also promised that Florida will not be shut down again. DeSantis has rejected President Joe Biden’s warning ...

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