Revolutionary Communist Party leader endorses Joe Biden for president

2022 Campaign 08/04/20, 05:25

Founder and leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA Bob Avakian announced Monday, Aug. 3, that he endorsed presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden for president. In an email to his followers, Avakian urged members to back the former vice president, saying, "Biden is not 'better' than Trump, in any meaningful ...

Sen. Sanders hints his campaign end may be coming

2022 Campaign 03/08/20, 18:59

The Democratic candidates fell like dominos, one after another. There are two strong contenders left, along with a couple of weaker ones. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), just trailing former Vice President Joe Biden, announced he would also drop out of contention if Biden ends up with the most delegates. Speaking with ...

Tulsi Gabbard asks Biden, Sanders to demand DNC allow her debate

2022 Campaign 03/08/20, 04:13

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) on Friday, March 6, asked her fellow 2020 presidential candidates to demand the Democratic National Committee (DNC) let her onstage for the next primary debate after newly released qualifications blocked her from participating.  Gabbard, whose last debate appearance was in November, called on former Vice President Joe ...

President Trump got 440,509 more votes than Bernie Sanders in California

U.S. 03/06/20, 16:19

The rising popularity of President Donald Trump is shocking—he received 440,509 more votes than Bernie Sanders—the left-wing favorite in California, the most leftist of the states. According to the latest Super Tuesday poll results, 1.53 million voters elected Trump, while 1.09 million voted for Sanders, according to data updated at 2:14 ...

President Trump says, ‘There’s something going on there’ with Joe Biden

2022 Campaign 03/06/20, 05:24

Can President Trump become the first president since Ronald Reagan to win Pennsylvania twice? President Trump discusses coronavirus concerns and testing, political divisiveness, and the 2020 race with moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The president is banking on the state of the strong economy to see him re-elected ...

Democrats contrived to ‘crush’ Bernie Sanders says the president

2022 Campaign 03/05/20, 06:34

Comeback candidate Joe Biden received a boost to his election campaign when Democrats worked together to bring Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) down. President Trump says they "crushed" Sanders. President Trump commented in a tweet on Wednesday, March 4, how the Democrats worked together against socialist democrat Sanders. Biden handed Sanders a series of ...

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