Sri Lanka: Fatal victim of the CCP’s ‘Belt and Road’

Sri Lanka 07/13/22, 16:36

Sri Lanka has been plunged into a deep economic and political crisis for some time now and reached its deepest point last Saturday, July 9, when President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled his official residence in Colombo, the capital of the country, moments before thousands of protestors violently entered the presidential house in ...

Slave labour is building the ‘Belt and Road’, alarming report says

China 06/05/21, 17:36

Chinese workers on the Chinese regime's most ambitious Belt and Road initiative are stranded abroad amid restrictions by the COVID-19 ( CCP) Virus, according to a detailed report by China Labor Watch, released on 30 April. The report details the appalling conditions faced by some of China's overseas workers, building the ...

US-China trade war gives Belt and Road added significance

China 03/22/19, 05:17

Beijing has been steadily gathering support for its "Belt and Road" initiative, which aims to weave a network of ports, bridges and power plants linking China with Africa, Europe and beyond.Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte has pledged to sign a memorandum of understanding this week on supporting the initiative during a ...

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