US Republican lawmakers question NBC’s Beijing Olympics coverage

Human Rights 01/27/22, 18:26

Republican members of Congress asked NBC on Tuesday about how much influence  the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will have on its coverage of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, questioning how the NBC network will handle "China's history of human rights violations," according to the ...

Beijing prepares for the Winter Olympics with 2 million Covid tests

Insights 01/27/22, 15:20

Beijing city officials said that 30 Covid-19 infections were found in testing two million residents on Jan. 24, less than two weeks before the Winter Olympics begin. According to a report, local authorities have confirmed about six new infections in the Fengtai district in southern Beijing. The total number of cases ...

US Lawmakers call on NBC to address China’s human rights abuses during Olympics coverage

China 12/20/21, 21:50

U.S. Lawmakers are calling on NBCUniversal, a news and entertainment network to honor their broadcasting roles that include providing background coverage of the Chinese regime's human rights abuses. Senator Jeff Merkley and Representative James McGovern, the chair and co-chair of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC), a bipartisan and bicameral committee ...

Does Beijing have self-contradictions in diplomacy toward the USA?

China 12/12/21, 03:24

China Communist Party diplomats have two different reactions on the same issue. When The White House announced its decision to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics on the afternoon of Dec. 6. The CCP embassy in the United States responded before the CCP media reacted to the U.S. boycott. Yet, they contradict ...

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