Save the bees (and time and money) by creating a bee lawn

U.S. 05/28/19, 07:39

Flowering "bee lawns" that attract pollinators are a compromise between fastidious turf management and the more casual yard approach. They add biodiversity to the landscape and need less maintenance. That makes them cost-effective, too.Bee lawns are turf grasses blended with low-growing perennials that bloom again after mowing. They're cared for ...

Bee crisis: Pollinators endure countless threats in Florida

U.S. 04/27/19, 02:01

Tim Gould by now is well attuned to all the buzz beneath his roof."I don't know why they're picking on me," Gould says, as wildlife trapper Leo Cross climbs a ladder to vacuum out the beehive inside his roof. "They've lit me up multiple times."No hard feelings: Gould wants to ...

Drunk on smoke: Notre Dame’s bees survive cathedral blaze

Europe 04/19/19, 08:55

Hunkered down in their hives and drunk on smoke, Notre Dame's smallest official residents — some 180,000 bees — somehow managed to survive the inferno that consumed the cathedral's ancient wooden roof.Confounding officials who thought they had perished, the bees clung to life, protecting their queen."It's a big day. I ...

Wild bee species critical to pollination on the decline

Science 04/18/19, 04:52

More than a dozen wild bee species critical to pollinizing everything from blueberries to apples in New England are on the decline, according to a new study.Researchers from the University of New Hampshire wanted to understand if the documented declines hitting honeybees and bumblebees were also taking a toll on ...

German state to accept environmentalists’ bee-saving plan

Europe 04/03/19, 11:01

The German state of Bavaria is set to accept in large part a plan by environmentalists to save bees and protect biodiversity, averting a referendum on the issue.In February, backers of the plan collected nearly 1.75 million signatures, over 18 percent of the region's electorate and enough to force a ...

Hurricane Michael could sour Florida’s tupelo honey harvest

Florida 10/22/18, 22:19

Hurricane Michael toppled beehives and stripped flowering plants across Florida's Panhandle, threatening tupelo honey production in a tiny community that is the primary source of the sweet delicacy.Tanker trucks of corn syrup and tens of thousands of pounds of synthetic pollen are being rushed to beekeepers from the Gulf of ...

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