No more than 1 wife: Israel looks to tackle Bedouin polygamy

World 01/09/19, 01:04

Israel has begun cracking down on polygamy among the country's Bedouins, after decades of turning a blind eye to the old custom that remains widespread in the community.For the first time, suspected Bedouin polygamists are being prosecuted.But many Bedouins, who complain of systematic neglect and discrimination by successive Israeli governments, ...

ICC prosecutor issues warning on Bedouin village demolition

Europe 10/17/18, 03:23

The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor issued a warning Wednesday that if Israel goes ahead and destroys a Palestinian Bedouin village on the West Bank that could constitute a war crime.Israel's Supreme Court recently rejected a final appeal against plans to demolish the village, Khan al-Ahmar.ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said ...

Sewage pool rings West Bank village awaiting demolition

World 10/05/18, 11:14

A Palestinian Bedouin village slated for demolition is dealing with a large pool of sewage, apparently from a nearby Israeli settlement.The sewage flowed downhill toward Khan al-Ahmar earlier this week, and on Friday was still pooled in a ravine by the West Bank community's corrugated tin shacks.Sewage pool is seen ...

Egypt arming Sinai tribesmen in fight against Islamic State

World 09/27/18, 02:31

The Egyptian military has begun arming Bedouin tribesmen in northern and central parts of the Sinai Peninsula and having them patrol the area at the center of a yearslong, bloody conflict.In this undated 2018 photo, a Bedouin from the Tayaha tribe holds his weapon during an operation accompanying the Egyptian ...

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