BBC invests in Chinese state-owned firms linked to genocide, report reveals

China 12/07/21, 16:42

The BBC has invested millions of dollars in companies controlled by China's repressive regime, accused of committing genocide against ethnic and religious minorities in the Asian country.  As reported by the Daily Mail, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) injected more than $199 million from the pension funds of current and former ...

Scandal: BBC manager wishes President Trump dead and insults him on Twitter

U.S. 09/08/20, 13:50

BBC Human Resources Manager Melanie Briggs has sparked a controversy by posting a series of far-left, violence-laden comments on Twitter, even wishing President Donald Trump were dead.  The Sun reported Briggs's posts on Sunday, Sept. 6, and many were subsequently removed. In 2017 she shared a message that said President Donald ...

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