State trooper killed by wheel that came off logging truck

U.S. 04/03/19, 16:34

A Maine police detective was fatally injured on Interstate 95 Wednesday when a wheel came loose from a logging truck and struck him as he was attending to a disabled vehicle, state officials said. Detective Benjamin Campbell, 31, was out of his vehicle Wednesday morning when two wheels separated from the ...

Former governor: Cutting Electoral College would hurt whites

U.S. 02/28/19, 14:03

Former Maine Gov. Paul LePage says any elimination of the Electoral College would hurt white people.LePage told WVOM radio that allowing the popular vote to choose the president would give minorities more power and that "white people will not have anything to say."Proposals to eliminate the Electoral College are sometimes ...

Suspicious letter sent to Sen. Susan Collins home

U.S. 10/15/18, 13:04

A hazardous materials team was called Monday to investigate a suspicious letter sent to the home of Republican Sen. Susan Collins, officials said.Police and fire vehicles were parked outside her home, and several people in hazmat suits were seen entering the home. Yellow police tape was wrapped around the perimeter ...

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