Declining births fuel record low growth rate in California

California 05/01/19, 13:41

New population estimates show California's births fell by 18,000 last year, prompting the slowest recorded growth rate the country's most populous state. State officials said Wednesday the population stood at 39.9 million as of Jan. 1. The state added nearly 187,000 people in 2018 for a growth rate of 0.47%, the ...

Superman to The Fonz: Vintage lunchbox collection on sale

U.S. 09/27/18, 23:09

Look, up on the shelf! It's Superman. There's the king of the wild frontier himself, Davy Crockett. And over in that case is Davy Crockett again, except this time he's Daniel Boone (we'll explain later). And aaaaay! It's The Fonz and the whole "Happy Days" family!A veteran auctioneer has on ...

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