GOP Sen. Ron Johnson and Andy Ngo wins Annie Taylor Award for courage

U.S. 11/15/21, 16:17

A Republican from Wisconsin and conservative reporter were commended for resiliently upholding justice on Nov. 13. Sen. Ron Johnson and journalist Andy Ngo both won the David Horowitz Freedom Center's prestigious Annie Taylor Award. "Thank you to the David Horowitz Freedom Center for awarding myself and Wisconsin's Sen. Ron Johnson with the ...

City mayor awards Falun Dafa for decades of rapid growth and resilience

New York 06/07/21, 00:15

A Republican from the U.S. Western Pacific Commonwealth island recognized one of the world's fastest-growing meditation movements for flourishing despite suffering decades of persecution. The Municipality of Saipan has awarded a special plaque to help mark their 22-year anniversary of World Falun Dafa Day. "This plaque of recognition of the 22nd year ...

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