Defense talks canceled due to AUKUS trilateral security pact row

Australia & Oceania 09/21/21, 02:42

A submarine deal between the United States, Britain, and Australia offended a French official so deeply he called off a high-level military meeting. Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly canceled his bilateral meeting with British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace. The pair was supposed to discuss the two-day Franco-British Council with defence chiefs ...

University lobbies wants to pull ‘unethical’ artificial intelligence study

Australia & Oceania 09/19/21, 22:40

Technical facial recognition research should be retracted for ethical reasons, a higher education provider said. A study, partly funded by the Chinese government and a former Curtin University professor, has drawn fierce criticism for adopting immoral practises. The Western Australian education provider claims it discovered multiple ethical violations regarding informed consent and ...

France recalls its ambassador from US in protest of submarine deal

World 09/18/21, 02:33

France has decided to recall its ambassadors from the United States and Australia to protest Australia's cancellation of a large-scaled submarine purchase deal made with France after it forged a military alliance with the U.S. and the UK. "At the request of the President of the Republic, I have decided to ...

Thousands of protesters march against rolling lockdown in Australia

Australia & Oceania 07/25/21, 23:10

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Australia's largest cities as part of a worldwide protest against long-term lockdowns. The Freedom Rally expresses discontent with mandatory lockdowns and restrictions that help contain the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus. Many demonstrators complained about being unable to find work, receive federal assistance, or ...

US allies accuse Beijing of major Microsoft cyber attack

Australia & Oceania 07/20/21, 23:46

America, Australia, the European Union, United Kingdom, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and other countries publicly criticized the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). U.S. allies joined in blaming the CCP for orchestrating a major cyberattack on Microsoft and other breaches. "[China's] Ministry of State Security (MSS) has fostered an ecosystem of criminal contract hackers ...

Australia extends Sydney lockdown for a second time

Australia & Oceania 07/14/21, 19:29

The austere stay-at-home orders in Sydney and its surrounding areas will remain in place for two more weeks as the Delta-ignited outbreak has not shown any sign of recoiling, said Australian authorities on Wednesday, July 14.  Sydney entered a strict lockdown period on June 26, when the COVID-19 outbreak, partly fuelled ...

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