Leftist narrative shattered in standoff with 11 heavily armed men

U.S. 07/05/21, 22:52

A global media company was harshly criticized for misreporting a confrontation between police and armed men in Massachusetts. In the early hours of July 3, the Associated Press initially reported eight armed men stopped traffic for an hour on the Interstate 95 in both directions. The group allegedly wore military fatigues and ...

DOJ slams mainstream media for spreading ‘fake news’ about ending election fraud investigation

2022 Campaign 12/03/20, 02:38

The U.S. government's federal executive department responsible for law enforcement and justice strongly criticized several media outlets for spreading misinformation. The Department of Justice (DOJ) completely rejected mainstream news that misreported recent Associated Press coverage, which quoted Attorney General William Barr saying he had not seen conclusive evidence of voting fraud ...

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