Russian company to invest in Kentucky aluminum mill

Europe 04/15/19, 14:16

An aluminum company planning to build a $1.7 billion plant in Appalachia said Monday it's forging a partnership with a Russian company that until recently faced U.S. sanctions. Russian aluminum giant Rusal wants to invest $200 million in a Kentucky taxpayer-backed aluminum rolling mill that Braidy Industries intends to build near ...

A Stanley Cup ring at Braidy

Sports 04/13/19, 11:40

Julie Kavanaugh knows what it feels like to be a true champion in the world of professional sports.Long before Kavanaugh was chief of staff administration for Braidy Industries in Ashland, Kavanaugh worked as senior executive assistant to the general manager of hockey operations for the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team. She ...

‘I’ve got faith’: Potential aluminum workers wait on jobs

U.S. 10/10/18, 07:11

Things fall through for Chris Jackson.A construction job, promised if he completed a carpentry program, vanished two weeks before his exit exam. A coveted, $100,000-a-year union job at a steel mill disappeared when the plant closed.Now a businessman is promising him — and more than 130 others — a job ...

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