Proud Boys leader charged with plotting to attack Capitol

D.C. 03/08/22, 23:21

A nationalistic activist was accused of violating U.S. law ahead of the 2021 Washington riots. Federal prosecutors recently indicted Enrique Tarrio for allegedly planning to attack the U.S. Capitol Complex on Jan. 6. They claim the former Proud Boys chairman contacted fellow members to bring tactical gear to the nation's capitol building, ...

Louis Vuitton store robbers arrested in San Francisco

California 11/21/21, 16:03

California authorities are questioning two individuals suspected of looting a luxury fashion store on Nov. 19. San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) wants to know why two masked men allegedly ransacked and robbed the Louis Vuitton store at Union Square. More than 12 other accused burglars previously targeted the same business. "[Shortly after ...

Accused police impersonator caught pulling over real cops

New York 11/18/21, 15:12

A New Yorker was arrested for pretending to be a law enforcement officer. Hicksville resident Valiery Portluck was caught impersonating a police officer, after pulling over a vehicle filled with real cops. The 25 year-old spent the fateful day, driving his black car with emergency lights fitted. One of his targets was ...

89 dogs rescued, 10 suspects arrested in NYC fighting ring bust

New York 08/11/21, 02:52

Authorities celebrated New York City's biggest ever dog fighting ring strike on Aug. 9. Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini confirmed 89 dogs have been freed and 10 suspects detained, after police shut down an illegal pit bull training and fighting operation. Between late July and early August 2021, officers raided residential ...

Texas police apologize after officers on horseback led black man by rope

Texas 08/06/19, 16:49

A Galveston, Texas, police department apologized after two white horseback officers led a black man on a rope through the streets of the city. Photographs shared on Facebook Donald Neely, 43, flanked by two mounted police officers. Neely's hands are bound behind his back, and an attached thick blue rope is ...

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