Virginia workers discover Civil War box over 130-years-old

U.S. 12/30/21, 16:25

On Tuesday, Dec. 28, Virginia employees unboxed more than 130 years of Civil War antiques. A conservation organization has unsealed a box containing Confederate battle relics in Richmond. Newspapers, books, and ammunition from the American Civil War are among the items on display. Workers found the time capsule while removing a statue ...

500 years on, the legendary Columbus’ ships still lost to history

U.S. 10/10/21, 03:40

More than half a millennium after Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, the actual remains of his three ships—the Nia, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria—remain lost to history. On Oct. 12, 1492, the 15th-century adventurer landed in what is now the Bahamas, bringing the pre-Columbian era in the New World ...

‘Whale—like’ tetrapod fossils first discovered in Egypt

Enviroment 08/26/21, 22:15

Egyptian researchers have discovered a new type of four-legged whale that existed 43 million years ago for the first time in Egypt's Western Desert. Scientists from Mansoura University analyzed the remains of the amphibious Phiomicetus Anubis, which was discovered in middle Eocene rocks in Fayum Depression, a Western Desert in Egypt. ...

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