A pair of 2,200-year-old golden bronze Buddha statues discovered in China

Art 12/15/21, 07:43

The recently found pair of 2,200-year-old gold bronze Buddha statues is the oldest of their kind to be discovered in China. The miniature figurines were discovered among a cache of relics found in an ancient tomb of the Eastern Han Dynasty. One statue, Buddha Shakyamuni, shows Buddha standing on a platform while ...

After 1,300 years separated, Iron Age skis buried beneath the ice reunited

News 12/09/21, 22:11

Iron age well-preserved skis were found at the Reinheimen National Park in southern Norway seven years appart. In 2014, the first ski was discovered by the glacier archeology organization Secrets of the Ice, just a lone ski. Despite the ski's age, it was beautifully maintained because of its ice burial, and even ...

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