Amateur archaeologist finds 2,000 year-old Roman dagger

Europe 11/28/21, 15:51

An archeology enthusiast found a 2,000-year-old dagger that eventually uncovered an entire Roman battlefield. A metal detector located the ancient weapon in Switzerland's remote southeast Graubünden canton region. The site was previously thought to be void of ancient remains. However, dental student Lucas Schmid proved this theory wrong. "I suspected that the entire ...

Israeli scientists brew beer with revived ancient yeasts

World 05/22/19, 09:17

Israeli researchers raised a glass Wednesday to celebrate a long-brewing project of making beer and mead using yeasts extracted from ancient clay vessels —some over 5,000 years old.Archaeologists and microbiologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority and four Israeli universities teamed up to study yeast colonies found in microscopic pores in ...

Ancient West Bank site draws Christians, and controversy

World 03/27/19, 01:12

Deep in the West Bank, Israeli settlers have transformed an archaeological site into a biblical tourist attraction that attracts tens of thousands of evangelical Christians each year.Tel Shiloh is believed to have been the site of the biblical tabernacle, but not everyone is pleased at how the ruins are presented ...

Iraq says goodbye to its beloved archaeologist al-Gailani

World 01/21/19, 04:51

Iraq on Monday mourned the loss of Lamia al-Gailani, a beloved archaeologist who helped rebuild the Baghdad museum after it was looted following the 2003 U.S.-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein.Al-Gailani, who died in Amman, Jordan, on Friday at the age of 80, was one of Iraq's first women to ...

Exhibit offers portraits of mummified ancient Egyptians

U.S. 11/08/18, 15:58

A team of researchers is giving the world a chance to see the faces of two Egyptian women who walked the earth about 2,300 years ago.The Baltimore Sun reports that detailed portraits based on mummified remains form the core of "Who Am I? Remembering the Dead Through Facial Reconstruction," the ...

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