FACT CHECK: Democratic debate rhetoric under scrutiny

2022 Campaign 07/31/19, 21:48

Ten more Democrats jousted on a Detroit stage Wednesday in what was probably the last of the traffic-jammed, double-barreled presidential debates. A look at the veracity of their rhetoric as the contenders fought not only to stand out to primary voters but to stay in contention for the winnowed-down debates to ...

AP FACT CHECK: Some inconvenient truths for 2020 Democrats

Politics 07/29/19, 23:24

The Democratic presidential contenders have some inconvenient truths to grapple with. It's not easy, for example, to summon foreboding words on the economy — accurately — when the U.S. has been having its longest expansion in history. Health care for all raises questions of costs to average taxpayers that the candidates are ...

FACT CHECK: O’Rourke misleads on young voter turnout

Texas 04/02/19, 14:31

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke has said in recent weeks that his visiting all 254 counties in Texas during his failed Senate bid last year helped boost the state's voter turnout. That may be, but he's giving the wrong numbers on how much turnout among young people increased.Since joining the ...

FACT CHECK: California governor hopefuls stumble on bail

California 10/09/18, 13:44

Both candidates for California governor on Monday addressed the state's recently approved law that will make it the first to eliminate bail for suspects awaiting trial and replace it with a risk-assessment system.Starting in October 2019, most suspects charged with nonviolent felonies will be quickly released, while those charged with ...

FACT CHECK: O’Rourke ‘Jim Crow’ remark goes beyond police

Texas 09/25/18, 14:16

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz accused Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke of making offensive comments about police officers during their first debate of the Texas Senate race.The attack came amid heightened attention in Texas on fatal shootings involving police officers. Last month, a white Dallas police officer shot and killed her unarmed ...

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