AIG leader talks about longevity and retirement

Business 04/21/19, 07:05

Kevin Hogan is chief executive of insurer AIG's Life & Retirement division, where he oversees the firm's individual retirement, life insurance business and more. He recently spoke with The Associated Press about longevity, financial anxiety and other issues surrounding retirement in the U.S.The conversation was edited for length and clarity.Q. ...

Amid rising anxiety, colleges tell students it’s OK to fail

Health 04/04/19, 09:10

Bentley University has plenty of success stories among its faculty and alumni. But one recent evening, the school invited students to hear about the failures.Speaking to a crowded auditorium, one professor recounted the time he sank a $21 million company. Another recalled failing her college statistics course. One graduate described ...

Woman who shoved friend off bridge gets jail, work crew

U.S. 03/27/19, 18:26

A woman who pleaded guilty to pushing her 16-year-old friend from a bridge at a popular swimming area near Vancouver has been sentenced to two days in jail and 38 days on a county work crew.Clark County District Court Judge Darvin Zimmerman sentenced 19-year-old Tay'lor Smith on Wednesday, saying she ...

Anxiety in Alaska as endless aftershocks rattle residents

U.S. 01/19/19, 12:03

Seven weeks after a massive earthquake rocked Alaska, aftershocks are still shattering 7-year-old Connor Cartwright's sense of safety.They shake the earth far less than the 7.0 magnitude quake that sent a mirror, TV and dishes crashing to the ground in the Anchorage home where Connor lives with his mother, father ...

More US adults and kids are doing yoga, meditating

Treatment 11/08/18, 04:05

NEW YORK (AP) — If you can do a downward-facing dog, you’re among the increasing numbers of Americans doing yoga. A new report says more adults — and even kids — are practicing yoga and meditation. A government survey conducted last year found 14 percent of adults said they had recently done ...

Cavs’ Love raises mental health awareness with ‘locker’ talk

Basketball 10/25/18, 12:42

Kevin Love can't remember being this freshly shaven, gliding his fingers over his smooth cheeks and chin while glancing at a large mirror.The reflection doesn't pain him anymore.From the outside, the Cleveland Cavaliers' All-Star forward appears to have it all: A model's striking looks, a multi-million dollar contract and dream ...

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