Donald Trump Jr says media silent on attack of conservative journalist by antifa

U.S. 07/03/19, 19:37

Donald Trump Jr. is calling out liberal mainstream media on their lack of coverage of thug-like antifa violence against a journalist at a right-wing demonstration event. The attack he is referring to was on Quillette editor Andy Ngo, who—based in Portland, Oregon—was covering a local event planned by Right-wing demonstrators Proud ...

Far-left Antifa protesters attack known conservative journalist

U.S. 07/01/19, 04:00

A Portland-area event with right-wing demonstrations and far-left groups counterprotesting escalated to civil disturbances over the weekend, when various people and officers were attacked by alleged far-left Antifa protesters, leaving a journalist with brain hemorrhaging, and needing hospitalization. He shared his ordeal online, soon after. Right-wing demonstrators Proud Boys and the ...

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