Oregon man pulls gun after being assaulted by Antifa, cop detains him

U.S. 03/30/21, 01:28

Authorities arrested a man after he pulled a gun on a group of Antifa rioters who allegedly smashed his pickup truck's taillights, sprayed his windshield with paint, and maced him during a riot in Salem, Oregon, on Sunday, March 28. The altercation was one of many that occurred near the state ...

Armed antifa establishes an ‘autonomous zone’ in Portland and digs in

U.S. 12/10/20, 16:46

Members of the far-left antifa organization have barricaded themselves in an area of Portland, Oregon, in and around what is known as the "Red House." The group has squatted declaring a 656-foot radius around the site as an "autonomous zone.” According to reports, the occupants have been there for several ...

Violent riots persist in Portland while mainstream media offer less coverage

U.S. 10/06/20, 11:46

Social outrage continues to unfold in Portland, Oregon, after five months of massive protests throughout the United States over the death of African American George Floyd, and the increasing attention of the mainstream media to the situation. According to Katu 2, an ABC affiliate in Portland, there was a violent attack ...

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