Andrew Yang quits Democratic Party, creates his own political group

U.S. 10/06/21, 17:11

A former presidential candidate will leave the Democratic Party and launch a new political organization. Andrew Yang will become an independent politician, and lead his own American-centrist Forward Party. "The two parties right now control the primary system, which makes it very difficult for any meaningful third party to emerge," he said ...

Yang offers $1,000 to select families for campaign, gets questioned for legality

U.S. 09/13/19, 18:04

Announcing his Freedom Dividend at the Democratic debate on Thursday night, Sept. 12, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang promised to give $1,000 to 10 random families for an entire year. “It’s time to trust ourselves more than our politicians. That’s why I’m going to do something unprecedented tonight. My campaign will ...

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