Review: Garfield’s the bright spot in a murky ‘Silver Lake’

Entertainment 04/17/19, 13:15

We'll call it the "Garfield Rule" — not the comic, the actor. It holds that any performance by Andrew Garfield, on screen or stage, will be worth seeing, no matter the content.After watching "Under the Silver Lake," a self-described "neo-noir thriller" by writer-director David Robert Mitchell ("It Follows"), I'm still ...

Red-carpet fanfare dropped amid deadly California fires

Entertainment 11/12/18, 21:40

Hollywood cut back on the glamor trappings of movie premieres as a wildfire destroyed or imperiled the homes of celebrities and other Southern California residents.Red carpets for the Sandra Bullock film "Bird Box" and "Under the Silver Lake" with Andrew Garfield were canceled Monday, an American Film Institute festival spokeswoman ...

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