Two more women accuse Gov Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct

New York 03/07/21, 02:19

Two more women came forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Saturday, March 6. Cuomo's former press aide, Karen Hinton, told The Washington Post that the governor summoned her to his "dimly lit" hotel room and embraced her twice in December 2000. She described pulling ...

President Trump criticizes Supreme Court’s failure to block Democrats from accessing his personal financial records

New York 02/22/21, 23:49

America's highest court should never have allowed a political party to access private financial records, a former president said. Donald Trump expressed deep concern about the Supreme Court's latest decision against blocking the Democratic Party from using his personal financial information. "The Supreme Court never should have let this 'fishing expedition' happen ...

Jewish community protests the restriction of their religious activities in New York

News 10/07/20, 17:26

Hundreds of people belonging to the Orthodox Jewish community held a demonstration Tuesday night in New York City in opposition to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's move to restrict religious activities because of COVID-19, also called the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus pandemic, Fox News reported. In the iconic Borough Park neighborhood, ...

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