Colombian breeds rare frogs to undermine animal traffickers

America 05/23/19, 23:07

In a small farmhouse surrounded by cloud forest, Iván Lozano inspects dozens of glass containers that hold some of the world's most coveted frogs.The conservationist has been fighting the illegal trade in rare tropical frogs for years, risking his life and his checkbook to save the brightly colored, poisonous amphibians ...

Eastern hellbender voted Pennsylvania’s official amphibian

U.S. 04/16/19, 14:49

Pennsylvania is getting an official amphibian, a nocturnal, unsightly salamander that's sometimes known as a snot otter, lasagna lizard or mud devil. The House voted 191-6 Tuesday to grant the honor to the Eastern hellbender, which can grow to be more than 2 feet (a half meter) long and is battling ...

Push resumes to recognize official Pennsylvania amphibian

U.S. 02/04/19, 19:08

The Pennsylvania Senate renewed its push Monday to make a slimy and unsightly salamander the state's official amphibian in an effort to highlight the plight of a creature whose numbers researchers say are declining rapidly because of pollution in rivers and streams.The Senate approved the bill in support of the ...

Tiny salamanders could complicate Shasta Dam project

California 12/26/18, 14:57

A trio of salamander species in Northern California could complicate a controversial $1.4 billion public works project to heighten the Shasta Dam, the state's largest reservoir.The Los Angeles Times reports Wednesday that two environmental groups filed a federal lawsuit last month asking a judge to force the U.S. Fish and ...

In South Africa, endangered frogs get another chance

Africa 10/02/18, 04:45

Conservationists are monitoring some 200 endangered frogs that were released along South Africa's coastline after a captive-breeding program at the Johannesburg Zoo.The release last month of the Pickersgill's reed frogs happened in KwaZulu-Natal province, where the species' wetland habitat along the Indian Ocean coast has come under severe pressure from ...

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