Stanford Uni. professor studies brains and symptoms of UFOs encounters

Space 12/14/21, 02:29

A Stanford University professor studied the brains of persons who claimed to have seen a UFO and compiled a list of symptoms they presented. Professor of Pathology Dr. Garry Nolan has spent the last decade examining Unknown Aerial Phenomena (UAP) data. He has over 300 research articles, as well as 40 ...

Leaked videos show US naval ships encountered pyramid-shaped UFOs

Politics 04/13/21, 03:57

The Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFO, have been around for many years, and they continue to fascinate man. In recent years, the UFO phenomenon had gained a lot of attention after Pentagon officials acknowledged a UFO tracking program from the U.S. Defense Department. UFOs have been seen as spherical or triangular ...

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