Humans can only live up to 150 years says medical study

News 05/27/21, 03:57

Reducing stress in daily life can help some people live for up to 150 years, researchers have found. New York state's Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo and Singapore-based biotech company Gero have discovered a direct link between aging and the ability to cope with stress. The study, "Longitudinal analysis of ...

Aging voters in Greece keep traditional campaigning alive

Europe 05/23/19, 08:07

In the mountainous Evrytania region of Greece, fir trees cover the hills, deer and wolves roam the lush landscape and waterfalls add to the dramatic scenery, earning it the nickname "Little Switzerland."Harder to find, however, are young people.The area — a winding, three-hour drive from Athens — has the oldest ...

‘Zombie cells’ buildup in your body may play role in aging

New York 05/14/19, 09:53

Call them zombie cells — they refuse to die.As they build up in your body, studies suggest, they promote aging and the conditions that come with it like osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease. Researchers are studying drugs that can kill zombie cells and possibly treat the problems they bring.Basically the goal ...

Finland’s election topics: Climate change, welfare, aging

Europe 04/13/19, 03:32

Finns will be voting Sunday to fill the country's 200-seat Eduskunta parliament after a campaign that saw debates over the country's generous welfare model, its rapidly aging population and how far to go to fight climate change.Here's a look at the key issues and the main players in the election:JUST ...

Researchers find clues that depression may speed brain aging

U.S. 02/14/19, 13:32

Memory and thinking skills naturally slow with age but now scientists are peeking inside living brains to tell if depression might worsen that decline — and finding some worrisome clues.Depression has long been linked to certain cognitive problems, and depression late in life even may be a risk factor for ...

Changes expected for aging Panthers after 7-game skid

Football 12/23/18, 19:22

Now that the Panthers have lost seven straight games and have been officially eliminated from playoff contention, the biggest question remaining is who'll be around next season.Carolina (6-9) is expected to undergo some major changes after a season in which it started 6-2 but then appeared to grow old almost ...

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