Military frees Lt. Col. Scheller ahead of potential court-martial hearing

U.S. 10/06/21, 16:40

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller was released from the brig at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina on Oct. 5. The Marine was arrested and jailed for a week after condemning military leaders about the Afghan withdrawal crisis. "Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, Jr. is being released from confinement today, Oct. 5, 2021, as a result ...

Gen. Mark Milley refuses to resign over Afghan withdrawal debacle

D.C. 09/29/21, 02:57

A high-ranking military leader will not stop advising the Oval Office on national defense matters despite a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan on Sept. 28. Gen. Mark Milley refused to stop chairing the Joint Chiefs of Staff, even though he advised Joe Biden's administration on a lackluster U.S. troop evacuation from the ...

Army generals testify they recommended to Biden to keep troops in Afghanistan

D.C. 09/28/21, 16:12

Senior military officials testified Tuesday, Sept. 28, before the Senate Armed Services Committee on the controversial U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. During questioning, they claimed to have advised President Joe Biden of the need to keep at least 2,500 troops to ensure stability in the region.  Among the officers who appeared before ...

Biden asks for $6.4 billion for nearly 100,000 Afghan refugees

D.C. 09/08/21, 16:04

The administration of President Joe Biden sent Congress an urgent request for $6.4 billion to pay for the resettlement of 95,000 Afghan refugees expected to arrive in the country in the coming months.  The money would be applied to select and resettle Afghans who aided U.S. forces and were evacuated from ...

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