Biden is ‘finishing the job’ of my presidency says Barack Obama

Opinion 06/04/21, 00:30

A Democrat, who likes to reminisce about his time as president, revealed his former second-in-command is just doing unfinished business in the Oval Office. Barack Obama openly admitted President Joe Biden is using the Oval Office to grant his predecessor's wishes. "I think that what we are seeing now, is Joe and ...

Pro-choice Planned Parenthood raises $45 million to help fund Democratic presidential candidate Biden’s campaign

2022 Campaign 06/16/20, 05:19

An activist group, which encourages mothers to deliberately terminate their pregnancies, is giving major financial support to the Democratic Party's nominee for president. Planned Parenthood has officially endorsed Joe Biden in his tilt for the Oval Office at the upcoming election on Nov. 3. The decision means proceeds from the pro-choice organization's ...

Scrap ‘Obamacare’? Maybe not all, says Trump administration

Politics 05/10/19, 02:27

Scrap "Obamacare"? Well, maybe not all of it. The Trump administration is arguing in court that the entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down as unconstitutional. But Justice Department lawyers recently suggested that federal judges could salvage its anti-fraud provisions, raising questions about keeping other parts as well. President Donald Trump ...

Groups worried as Utah rolls out partial Medicaid expansion

Health 04/01/19, 20:24

As Utah rolled out its partial Medicaid expansion Monday, health care advocates said they're worried the scaled-back version of a voter-approved law will leave thousands of people behind. While they're glad more people will get coverage, they're worried about people such as Leonard Bagalwa, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of ...

White House says no ‘sabotage’ of health law

Politics 02/08/19, 02:05

Borrowing a word from Democrats, a new White House report says changes made to the Affordable Care Act under President Donald Trump didn't amount to "sabotage." Due out Friday, the report from the Council of Economic Advisers says Obama-era subsidies that help low- and middle-income customers pay their premiums will keep ...

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