YouTube removes German scientist’s lecture on vaccine injuries and deaths

News 09/22/21, 16:47

Once again, the largest video platform, YouTube, censors scientists for publishing information that opposes their ideas or interests. In this case, a conference of German scientists talked about the effects found in autopsies performed on people who died after being vaccinated against COVID, also called the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ...

First vaccine fatality reported in New Zealand

News 08/30/21, 21:17

New Zealand's health ministry confirmed the nation's first fatal COVID-19 vaccination on Aug. 30. A female patient, whose age was undisclosed, suffered deadly complications from the Pfizer vaccine. The patient developed myocarditis, which caused heart inflammation according to Reuters. "This is the first case in New Zealand where a death in the ...

Dozens of military members express concerns about mandatory vaccinations

U.S. 08/30/21, 16:55

Following the announcement of mandatory vaccinations given to the military by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, dozen of them voiced their concerns and complaints to Rep. Thomas Massie, (R-Ky). Massie received the communications at a roundtable before which the participants remained anonymous to avoid reprisal for their opinions, but their authenticity ...

APWU of 220,000 postal workers opposes mandatory vaccination

U.S. 07/29/21, 15:07

The American Postal Workers Union (APWU), which represents more than 220,000 postal workers, opposes the mandatory Covid vaccination that the White House plans to impose on the 4.2 million federal employees. "While the APWU leadership continues to encourage postal workers to voluntarily get vaccinated, it is not the role of the ...

Thousands of COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ victims in the US are pleading for help

U.S. 07/11/21, 02:32

Over six months into the mass immunization campaign with the experimental, non-FDA-approved COVID-19 shots, tens of thousands of victims are speaking out, regretting their decisions, and begging for help. In the past, people speaking out were mostly parents of vaccine-damaged children. Now those speaking out are mostly adults who have had ...

Wikipedia censors real inventor of mRNA technology over vaccine warnings

U.S. 07/06/21, 15:45

After the doctor who discovered mRNA technology publicly warned about the risks of administering the experimental gene vaccine to young people, information about him was removed from Wikipedia, Life Site News reported. Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of mRNA vaccine technology, discussed the serious safety concerns associated with the Pfizer and ...

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