Missouri mother shares photos of son to bring awareness to addiction

U.S. 10/11/19, 16:20

A Missouri mother's Facebook post showing how fast her son has changed because of his drug addiction. the posts have gone viral. Jennifer Salfen-Tracy, from Wentzville, Missouri, shared two photos of her son, Cody Bishop: one before he was addicted to heroin and meth as well as a current photo. The first ...

Case study: Even tech execs fret about their kids’ smartphone addictions

Tech 10/17/18, 10:27

Like a lot of parents, Mike Herrick occasionally sees his 13-year-old daughter getting lost in her smartphone and wonders: Is technology messing with children's brains, even as it enlightens and empowers them in ways that weren't possible when his generation grew up? What sets Herrick apart is his job. He is ...

Maine Public Health Association conference focuses addiction

Health 10/16/18, 03:21

The Maine Public Health Association is using its annual conference to focus on the problem of addiction in the state. The conference is taking place all day on Tuesday at the Augusta Civic Center in the state's capital city. The event is the only statewide public health conference that happens in ...

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