News channel conducts experiment and exposes flaws in mail voting system

U.S. 08/01/20, 19:10

A television station in Philadelphia, conducted an experiment with 100 "test ballots" to see how mail voting would work, obtaining results that exposed the flaws in that system, Breitbart reported. In the face of controversy over absentee voting, WRDW, a Philadelphia television station, conducted an experiment to test the effectiveness of ...

Absentee vote changes may have invited ‘ballot harvesting’

U.S. 12/07/18, 17:42

Changes made to absentee voting procedures five years ago in North Carolina may have emboldened workers to run the type of illegal "ballot-harvesting" operation alleged to have been used in a disputed congressional race, election experts and lawmakers said.Some observers are concerned that the changes made it possible for more ...

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