Chinese ambassador to US touts Beijing-style ‘democracy’

China 09/27/21, 22:18

A diplomat from a communist-ruled country suggested American leaders should try a Chinese style of leadership on Sept. 22. Qin Gang raised eyebrows when he encouraged every American to follow the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) style of governing. The Chinese ambassador to the United States compared so-called Beijing democracy to late President ...

The left trashes tradition: Historic Lincoln statue removed in Boston

U.S. 12/31/20, 18:57

Boston Democratic authorities decided to remove a historic statue of former President Abraham Lincoln setting free a slave. A public art commission decided to remove the monument, heeding a group of left-leaning history revisionists who nonsensically argue that the image may "obscure the role of African Americans in shaping the ...

Actor Jon Voight says Trump is the Greatest President since Abraham Lincoln

Politics 05/25/19, 16:05

The academy-winning actor Jon Voight took to Twitter on May 24, stating President Trump as Abraham Lincoln's greatest president and asserting that his "every" political move has been right. In the first of two videos entitled “To my fellow Americans,” the Ray Donovan star praised Trump’s efforts to combat the political left and their ...

“Mercy instead of revenge” (Video)

Culture 12/14/18, 06:17

In April 1865, General Robert E. Lee’s Confederate Army decided to surrender to General Ulysses Grant’s Union Army, marking the end of the American civil war, and bringing an end to a conflict which had claimed the lives of over 700,000 people. It was a civil war between the North ...

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