Abortion industry pushes for national emergency during CCP Virus in Massachusetts

News 03/23/20, 13:32

The state of Massachusetts's  Department of Health ordered all nonessential surgery canceled. The governor has elected to declare abortions scheduled or not to be essential and which must continue to be provided despite the potential spread of the CCP Virus (Wuhan coronavirus). Although other nonessential procedures such as colonoscopies and knee ...

Police raid clinics of doctor who had 2,246 bodies of aborted babies

U.S. 09/20/19, 10:39

On Sept. 19, authorities raided two of the clinics in which Dr. Ulrich Klopfer performed abortions of late-term babies. Dr. Klopfer died Sept. 3 and the investigation began after 2,246 bodies of aborted babies were found in his home in Will County, Illinois. Fox59 reported that officials found several boxes containing ...

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