Beijing pushes media in the Pacific region to use Chinese content

China 02/17/22, 19:39

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) chairman told a public hearing on February 16th that public broadcasters in Pacific island countries are under pressure from Beijing to run content created by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as China and Western democracies compete for influence in the region. In an Australian Senate hearing, ...

ABC reporter is suspended after saying the network doesn’t give Trump credit

Politics 02/26/20, 18:45

ABC News has suspended a veteran correspondent after he was unknowingly captured on video criticizing the news, and referring to himself as a “socialist.”  Project Veritas released the footage, and late on Tuesday, Feb. 25, correspondent David Wright was suspended. In the footage, Wright condemned the ABC for ignoring some newsworthy ...

Congressmen demand answers from ABC News on killed Epstein story

U.S. 11/18/19, 05:19

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) sent a scathing letter to ABC News demanding information related to allegations that the network spiked a 2015 report about now-deceased alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. GOP Reps. Mike T. McCaul (R-Texas) and Doug A. Collins (R-Ga.) cosigned the letter, which was obtained and ...

Donald Trump Jr. clashes with ‘The View’ hosts in heated debate

U.S. 11/08/19, 04:46

There was sure to be fireworks—the president's son went into the arena with the hungry lionesses, ready and waiting to tear him apart. He had some surprising armor, and the contest didn't quite go as they expected. When hosts of "The View" went on the attack against Don Trump Jr., on ...

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