5G antennas could cause plane crashes, warns Federal Aviation Administration

U.S. 10/30/21, 15:27

Serious aviation safety concerns about 5G wireless networks scheduled to go live in early December have prompted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to issue a serious warning to airlines, Fox Business reported. The FFA, an aviation safety regulatory agency, plans to warn pilots and airlines through a special bulletin it is preparing ...

China’s 5G components have ‘COV–19’ label on hard drive

Tech 05/03/21, 03:32

When the United States and China announced their intention of world dominance with a 6G internet service earlier in February, reminders of China's untrustworthiness in the 5G network resurfaced. Footage shared last year indicates a connection between the 5G network developed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with COVID-19 or ...

US and Poland agree to cooperate and ensure security of 5G mobile network

World 09/03/19, 14:27

The United States and Poland signed a cooperation agreement to "counter threats and ensure the safety of the next generation of mobile networks" following the controversy sparked by technology giant Huawei, reported AP. Vice President Mike Pence and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki pledged on Sept. 2 in Warsaw to follow ...

US and Poland could sign 5G agreement

Politics 08/31/19, 11:42

The United States and Poland could close a 5G technology deal during Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Warsaw tomorrow, Sept. 1.  Pence, who is traveling with his wife, will visit the European country on behalf of President Donald Trump who decided to stay in the United States because of the ...

Getting caught up with Huawei—Part 1 the issues

U.S. 05/23/19, 09:37

Huawei, has the third largest market share of smartphones worldwide, after Samsung and Apple. But for all its success on the world stage, it has not done well in the United States. But the world's second-biggest manufacturer of smartphones has just 2.4 percent of the mobile market share in the United ...

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