Chinese regime increases strict COVID measures during CCP Congress

Social problem 10/17/22, 17:07

Amid the National Congress, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has increased its restrictive measures in many cities and regions, affecting tens of millions of unhappy citizens. As of October 13, authorities in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, require 2 CRP tests per day for three consecutive days in order to ...

Former teacher: The more corrupt an official, the more trusted

China 10/03/22, 14:01

On the eve of the 20th National Congress of the CCP, the regime reorganized a group of senior police officials in its anti-corruption campaign. For example, from the Sun Lijun political gang was prosecuted and convicted. A person familiar with the CCP's police circles revealed that in fact the more ...

‘Stabilize the stock market’: CCP directs no large-scale trading

Trending 10/01/22, 16:38

The 20th National Congress of the CCP is approaching, and Chinese authorities have stepped up social controls in an effort to ensure "stability" before the congress. According to foreign media, regulators have privately told brokers and fund managers that they are not allowed to buy and sell stocks in large ...

CCP announced the date of the 20th Congress, will Xi be re-elected?

China 08/31/22, 17:11

China's state media reported that the 20th CCP Congress will be on October 16 and will be a decisive meeting for leader Xi Jinping as his re-election is at stake. The date was set during a monthly meeting of the Politburo—the body that concentrates the Party's decision-making group, state-run Xinhua ...

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