Former President Trump ‘never admitted defeat’ at November election

U.S. 06/23/21, 01:31

One of the most talked about former U.S. presidents has not conceded the last election. Donald Trump has still not accepted the November election outcome despite more than seven months having passed since the result was first announced. "I never admitted defeat," he said in a video shared on YouTube. "The word ...

Trump endorses former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Arkansas governor

U.S. 01/27/21, 02:42

A former top adviser to the previous administration received the former president's approval to compete for the Arkansas governorship. Former President Donald Trump officially endorsed Sarah Huckabee Sanders's run for governor of Arkansas at the gubernatorial election coming up in November 2022. "Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a warrior who will always fight ...

President Trump to lead Miami event for evangelicals in the new year

2022 Campaign 12/22/19, 06:37

President Trump's re-election campaign announced that it will launch an Evangelicals for Trump movement in South Florida and the president will headline the event on Jan. 3. “The event will bring together Evangelicals from across the nation who support President Trump’s re-election,” the Trump campaign stated, according to the Miami Herald. The ...

Trump campaign raises over $5 million on day of impeachment vote

U.S. 12/19/19, 08:05

On Wednesday night, Dec. 18, when the Democrats were busy with the vote on impeachment against President Trump, over $5 million was provided to his presidential campaign, reported Daily Caller. Brad Pascarle, the president's campaign manager praised it as "Incredible fundraising numbers" in his tweet on Dec. 18, saying that it ...

Trump campaign to fly banner ahead of Democratic debate, warning of government socialism

2022 Campaign 10/15/19, 20:13

President Trump’s re-election campaign will fly banners over Westerville, Ohio, ahead of Tuesday night's presidential primary debate in the city, warning voters of threatened big government socialism. “This week's debate will be another display of the 2020 Democrats' far-left lurch toward big government socialism,” Tim Murtaugh, Trump campaign communications director, said ...

Russians interfered in 2016 election, says Former President Carter

Opinion 07/01/19, 09:58

Opinion A lot people have taken shots at President Donald Trump since he was elected, but on Friday, June 28, we entered uncharted territory. Former president and elder statesman Jimmy Carter said, at a public event, “Trump didn't actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election, and was put into ...

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