The Utah House on Thursday, Feb. 11,  introduced a bill to ensure that biological males do not participate in female school competitions solely because they self-identify as female.  

A Utah state House committee voted to move forward with legislation that if passed would prevent biological men from competing on women’s sports teams in the state’s public and private schools.

HB302, titled Preserve Sports for Female Students, was introduced by Republican State Rep. Kera Birkeland. 

Bill proposes male s and females are defined by their anatomy at birth

Birkeland’s legislation suggests that schools classify all athletic activities as “male,” “female” or “co-ed.” Thus students of the “male sex” would not be allowed to participate in sporting events designated for females, and vice versa. The bill defines sex as the “biological, physical condition of being male or female, determined by an individual’s genetics and anatomy at birth.”

As reported by the local media, The Salt Lake Tribune, after two hours of debate, the House passed the bill in the first instance by a vote of 8 to 6 on Thursday.

Birkeland, a girls’ basketball coach at Morgan High School, said she sees the bill as a way to improve “fairness and equality with women’s sports.”

“Across America there are stories of individuals who identified as male at birth competing against our female athletes,” she told the House Education Committee on Thursday. “These individuals who identify as male at birth are breaking records that no female will be able to reach. They’re taking championships, titles, and scholarships from our female athletes. To say it’s taking a toll on our female athletes would be an understatement.”

Transgender athletes taking a toll on women’s sports

Two women from the Southern Utah University track and field team also spoke in support of the bill, detailing their anguish in competing against an out-of-state transgender woman. One urged lawmakers to support the bill so that no woman will feel “like she lost before she shot.”

If passed the bill would open the door to legal action against schools that fail to comply with the ban, indicating that students who lose an athletic opportunity or feel wronged by a violation of the mandate could sue for damages.

The left and representatives of the LGBT ideology claim that this type of legislation infringes on their rights but without further argument, since the law does not seek to discriminate or condemn the behaviors of minorities who identify with a different gender than the biological one, they simply seek to ensure that the majority can compete on equal terms. 

As reported by the Texas Tribune, at least nine states have legislation that regulates the participation of transgender people in sports competitions. In addition, several states will also be presenting bills this year that will even seek to apply these policies in universities as well.

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